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Texas Council of the IFFF Newsletter June, 2016

Download and read the Texas Line and Leader (PDF 5MB)

Volume 3 – Issue 2: Summer 2016

Can Summer get her quick enough? That is usually a scary thing to say in Texas as we all know it will get extremely hot and muggy for most of us. But seriously, these Spring rains have been crazy. Scientific estimates on how much rain has fallen in Texas is beyond imagination. 5,000,000,000,000 gallons in just May alone. Enough to completely cover the State of Texas 8 times. Enough to supply the world eight – eight ounce glasses of water for 10,000 people a day!!!! So yes, I think most of us appreciate filling our lakes and streams up before summer, but this for many others has been tragic, and very costly. So, yes, we are glad Summer is moving in soon. Read more…


Russell Husted