Check out this multi species fly fishing tournament!!!

July 29, 2013 General News No Comments

Our friends at Texas River Bum are having a fly fishing multi species tournament that is designed to encourage more people to try out fly fishing by providing vital location information. This exciting multi-species tournament will test the skill of everyone who enters.  Black bass, panfish, and select rough fish are the target for a total of 10 different species.

Go to their website for more information and to register.

Election Update

July 28, 2013 General News No Comments

Great news from the national IFFF Office

The ballots have been counted by 2 employees here at the International office.  Ballots were received by e-mail and mail.

98 Approved the slate
5 Disapproved the slate.

The slate is duly elected.  Congratulations!  Go forth and do good things in the name of the IFFF.


Rhonda Sellers
Office Manager
International Federation of Fly Fishers
5237 US Highway 89 S, Suite 11
Livingston, MT  59047
406-222-9369 X101 (office)
406-222-5823 (fax)<>!/fedflyfishers

“Conserving, Restoring, Educating through Fly Fishing”

New Texas Council Club President

July 11, 2013 General News No Comments

Texas Council, please welcome Marcos Enriquez as the NEW President of the Texas Fly Fishers in Houston!!! Look forward to working with you and the club!!!

Council BOD’s meeting tonight

July 10, 2013 General News No Comments

Was awesome!!! Expo 2014 being planned!!! Exciting times for sure. Stay tuned for much, much, more.



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Welcome to the Texas Council!! The Texas Council was formed  to unify the clubs in our state. Texas was previously divided with the northern clubs belonging to the Southern Council and the rest of the state belonging to the Gulf Coast Council. A unified state is beneficial in many ways that will support and grow fly fishing in Texas.

Please provide any comments, suggestions, or activities you wish the Council to consider. We greatly appreciate your support.


Texas Council
Fly Fishers International (FFI)