January 18, 2020
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Exciting News – Texas Council is Official!!

Visit us at texascouncilffi.com

Contact us at president@texascouncilffi.com

Educating, Conserving, and Fly Fishing the Waters in the  Great State of Texas!!

Texas is rich with fishing opportunities and potential conservation projects. The state offers both cold and warm water species as well as saltwater opportunities. We believed these attributes and the geographic expanse of Texas are conducive to starting a new council and provide an opportunity to grow the IFFF membership. Texas was split between two councils. Texas members either belong to the Southern Council or the Gulf Coast Council. We believed the state of Texas benefits from a more centralized leadership.
The final step in this process is now complete.  All organizational documents have been approved and filed and on January 21, the Executive Committee acting on behalf of the Board of Directors of the IFFF approved a temporary Board to begin operations of the Council.  You will hear further information from the Acting President Russell Husted.In the meantime if you would like to volunteer for any role, work as a member of the Board of Directors, or just be involved in something great, please contact Ralph Simmans at rsimmans@yahoo.com or by calling 817-798-0061.
            President IFFF