January 26, 2021
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The mission of the Texas Council of FFI will be to Educate, Conserve, and Fy Fish the waters in the Great State of Texas. The council will base their activities around our mission statement. Focus will be on educating fly fishers, about our great sport, and how they can be better promoters of our sport. The youth will be the future of our council, and through various programs and partnering with Texas Parks and Wildlife, we hope to ensure that our sport will stay strong for years to come. Conservation will focus on the Adopt A Stream Program, Water Rights and Access, and Educating our members on better Conservation practices. And lastly, this council will fish the waters in the great state of Texas. Texas has many, many opportunities to fish for all types of fish and water. From salt water, to warm water, and  to cold water. Bass, redfish, trout, carp, panfish. Texas has it all.

We hope you enjoy this site, and see the need to get involved. Volunteers will be needed to put these programs in place. You can help in many ways. Volunteer for the many events that will be going on throughout the state. Recruit a friend to become a member of the Federation. Post on the website what you and your club are doing. And if you are seeing this site for the first time, and you are not a member, what a better time to join an organization that stands up for what you believe in.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Jerry Hamon

President of the Texas Council

Fly Fishers International