November 26, 2020
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Trout Days at Chalk Bluff is on for this Saturday, 11 JAN 2014!!!  I just
got off the phone with Mickey Poole at Chalk Bluff.  Although we were
previously informed that Trout Days was off, it isn’t.  Mickey, himself, is
hosting Trout Days.  He has stocked over 3200 lbs of fish and this weekend
will likely be the best Chalk Bluff experience in recorded history.

I know this is a very short notice but in my opinion there will not be a
better fishing trip on the books this year.  If you are  new to fly fishing,
this trip is a MUST!!!

Also, there are excellent prizes involved in this tournament.  I know that a
pair of Costa sunglassess are one of the prizes and there may be a yeti
cooler as a prize as well.

Mickey has stocked …

600 lbs of 3+ lb trout
1200 lbs of 1+ lb trout
2000 lbs of catfish/blue gill
600 lbs of bass
3,000 1-5″ sun perch
40 lbs of shinner minnows (baitfish)

There is a $25.00 registration fee for adults and a $12.00 registration fee
for children and lodging may be provided without charge to AFF members.

Please e-mail me ASAP at or call me at (210)

Tight lines,

Walter Ross

Russell Husted