October 23, 2020
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If you did not go, you missed a great one. Fun time. Friends, fly fishing, tying, presentations, food, and more!!! Raffles, and lots of stuff to buy. Great job Mike, the East Texas Fly Fishers, and the North Louisianna Fly Fishers for a great weekend. My 1st time to Caddo, and it did not disappoint. Ken Bohannon did a great lesson on stacking deer hair, and on Saturday there were awesome presentations from Tom and Bruce, tying, TFO team showing off rods and providing casting instructions, kayak demos and so much more. You all have to start attending these awesome events!!! So much can be learned and new friends can be made. Oh, and there is some fishing that can be squeezed in to!!

First time to witness the issue with Giant Salvinia at Caddo lake. That stuff is nasty. We should so help out, anyway we can. A conservation nightmare that stuff is. More to come on that.

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Russell Husted