February 17, 2020
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Conservation is one of the founding principles of Fly Fishers International.  Contributing over 50 years of conservation work, FFI is proud to continue protecting our fisheries and angling opportunities for the future.  

As William Nelson, President of the McKenzie Flyfishers Club, stated so clearly in 1964 – ” We have been slow to realize the role of political pressures in conservation and are of the opinion now that a united desire for the things that are necessary to perpetuate our sport of fly fishing is the only way to keep from losing many of the things we hold so dear ” – our unified mission continues. 

Today, our Conservation Committee works with local club and councils to identify projects worthy of funding through our Small Grants Program.  Committee members also work with local, state and federal agencies to ensure that our natural resources are safe for future generations.  If you need further information please contact us at 406-222-9369 or e-mail conservation@flyfishersinternational.org .

The Texas Council Conservation Chair is David Reichert.

Potential Conservation Problems in Texas:

Wastewater dumping near Wimberley

Steel Mill dumping effluent at Sinton

Barges docking in Lydia Ann Channel

Oil/Gas storare on Harbor Island

Supertanker docking at Port Aransas