September 22, 2020
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March has had a speaker change…

Our speaker will be Russell Husted, and he will be

telling us about the state of the Fly Fishing on the Brazos

River. Russell has been the President of the Fort Worth

Fly Fishers and was the founder of the Texas Council of

the IFFF and its first President. He is well known to all

of us in NorthTexas Fly Fishing.

We of the DFF have had a long history of Brazos Fly

Fishing. Before they stopped doing Hydro releases from

Possum Kingdom, the Sandy runs in the spring on the

upper river would empty several buildings of fly fishers

headed to the river. Camp sites up and down the river

would fill and a great fishery was explored. The new

River access points on the lower section of the Brazos

below Lake Whitney is renewing its interest to fly rod

enthuses and ‘Yaks for transport are a big part of that

change. As many of us have abandoned doing very much

on the Brazos other than a few stripers and planter trout

up by the Possum Kingdom Dam, this presentation will

bring back memories of great fishing trips and campouts.

We will learn about this new fishery on an old friend of

a river perhaps as well how the older fishery on the upper

section is doing. Russell is a very active fly fisher, and

has fished everywhere in Texas. His encyclopedic

knowledge of our waters will be great to hear about.

Russell can fill us in on how the entire river fishes.

If Russell has time, we might get a few hints about the

great fly fishing joint outing in July to the Southfork area

of Colorado. This is a tradition for the FWFF, and our

folks have been joining this trip more in recent years. It

sounds like a great way to get some quality fishing in at

a reasonable price on some great water. So come to the

meeting and hear all about


Russell Husted