August 4, 2020
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For all you casters out there. Want to take your fly casting to another level? Improve distance or accuracy? Learn to cast from a kayak, and so much more? Then you must attend the Texas Council’s Destination Texas Expo this May and take some of these high level casting classes. Classes on Friday, all day Saturday, and Sunday. For the complete listing of schedule classes, look here:


One class that will help everyone will be Joe Libeu’s class on Developing a Better Backcast. Joe is the owner of Sierra Pacific Fishing Adventures, a California Guide, a Master Casting Instructor and on the Casting Board of Governors with the IFFF. He has also been awarded the following casting instructor awards: the Pauline C. Cathcart Memorial Flycasing Award from the Pasadena Casting Club, the J. Stanley Lloyd Order of the Mayfly Award from the Sierra Pacific Flyfishers, the Ed Thomas Memorial Trophy from the Long Beach Casting Club and the first Mel Krieger Instructor of the Year Award from the International Federation of Fly Fishers.

Workshop: “Developing A Better Backcast”
Description: This Class will focus on the development of a better back cast through exploring your casting style, casting fundamentals, casting drills and focused practice.
Maximum Class Size: 10
Skill Set: All levels
Equipment: Rod, reel, line/leader, yarn fly, hat and eye protection.
joe libeu

Russell Husted