August 4, 2020
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The Texas Council is asking all fly fishing youth to put May the 30th on your calendar. The “Destination Texas” Expo team has scheduled a full day’s worth of activity for all youth to enjoy. Activities begin the 30th with a breakfast for all to attend. Chris Johnson from Living Waters Fly Fishing will host and start the day off. The youth will hear from him how to get started and how to pursue a sport that can change your life. The day continues with a two hour fly tying session provided by the Red River Fly Fishers. After lunch, there will be casting games hosted by Don Alcala, and the day ends with an entomology lesson from Keira Quam to bring it all together. Nothing better than looking at bugs that live in a river, eaten by the fish we all want to catch!!!
The only cost for any of these events is a $5 fee for the breakfast that will be provided. All other activities are FREE. This gives plenty of time for Mom and Dad to enjoy the countless activities that the Expo has to offer.

8 am Breakfast with Chris Johnson
10am Fly Tying with the Red River Fly Fishers
12pm Casting games with Don Alacala
2pm Entomology with Keira Quam

Make your plans now to attend. These events will remembered for a long time!!!

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