January 23, 2020
  • 6:52 am Fort Worth Fly Fishers Fly Fish 101
  • 9:26 am Texas Council Winter Newsletter
  • 5:25 am Texas Council FFI Fall Newsletter
  • 5:05 am North Toledo Bend Rendezvous November 2 – 4
  • 7:15 am Fort Worth Fly Fishers Casting Clinic

The Texas Council will focus our Education efforts in these ways. Casting Certifications, Tying Sessions, Educating our state on Conservation issues, and partnering with Texas Parks & Wildlife through the Youth Angler Program and assisting in the new river access program.

The Education Program will be led by Mike Aldridge. Mike is a member of the Hill Country Fly Fishers, and an avid two handed casting student.

Mike can be reached at: noise.boy@sbcglobal.net

The Casting Certification Program, CCIP, will be led by Andy Payne. Andy will be the Chairman of the Casting Program and lead our program here in Texas. Introducing more to the art of casting, and certifying many new CCI’s and MCI’s. A great addition to the Texas Council team.

Andy can be reached at:andy@payneconsult.net

The Tying Program is growing rapidly and exciting things are happening across the state.  Mike is an amazing leader, and has been involved with many organizations, and travels all of the state attending various fly fishing functions. Mike will also be overseeing the Fly Tying Award program, and is currently a Gold Member.

Mike can be reached at: mikemorphew@hotmail.com