September 27, 2020
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For most of us, fly fishing is more

than just a sport. It’s been central to

our lives in many ways, providing a

much-needed break from the daily

grind, and giving us time on the

water we’ll never forget, as well as

friendships that will last a lifetime.

That’s why I’m especially excited to

announce that our organization is

undergoing a significant evolution

that I believe will better reflect the

importance fly fishing plays in all

our lives. The new name of our

organization is Fly Fishers International (FFI), and with it comes

a reinvigorated approach to our programs, mission, and purpose.

As president of FFI (formerly known as the International

Federation of Fly Fishers, or IFFF), I wanted to give you a little

background into this change, which is a tremendously exciting

new chapter in our group’s storied history, and for the future of

the sport.

Our core values remain unchanged—to continue to serve as a

strong advocate for fly fishing in all waters for all fish, to preserve

and promote the arts of fly casting and fly tying, and to help

ensure that future generations can enjoy these same one-of-akind


So why the change?

Change can be difficult, and we want you all to know that the

process leading up to this evolution involved hundreds if not

thousands of hours of in-depth discussions and thoughtful

debate among board members and dedicated volunteers.

Rebranding and a potential name change was originally identified

for consideration by the Strategic Planning Committee when it

first met in May of 2015. Why was it being discussed? Certainly,

one key issue revolved around the name: based on research, fly

anglers do not find the name “International Federation of Fly

Fishers” appealing, nor did it sound like a modern organization.

Looking at the average age of IFFF membership, organizational

goals for growth, and a perceived lack of relevance among some

fly fishing groups, we knew it was time to ask some hard questions.

The process of exploring potential rebranding began with the

hiring of a marketing and branding agency, which was tasked

with evaluating current recognition of the organization within

the fly fishing community, and to document and analyze the

thoughts and opinions of our members regarding our current

brand presence.

Early on, questionnaires were sent to three sample populations:

the general fly fishing community, current IFFF members, and

members who had allowed their IFFF membership to lapse.

Although the three sample populations were diverse in terms of

their demographics and relationship to the Federation (members

versus non-members), their comments were consistent. One of

the most jarring results was that up to 88% of non-member fly

anglers had never even heard of the International Federation of

Fly Fishers (and we’ve been around since 1964). Another result

made it clear that, while our core mission was still very relevant,

there was a disconnect between what we do in the context of our

mission, and what people think we do.

Overall, the survey results were quite clear: our organization

needs to do a much better job of informing both members

and the general public of what we do, and why that mission is

critical to ensuring our opportunity to fly fish doesn’t vanish.

From protecting public access to passing on the art of fly tying,

or teaching two-handed casting to addressing overcrowding and

habitat degradation, there is a clear need for the voice of the fly

fisher to be heard.

Therefore, leadership agreed a name change was central to this

rebranding—and to signal, in no uncertain terms, a fundamental

evolution was underway. Through further research and

discussion, Fly Fishers International was recommended as the

strongest name choice. The name incorporates elements of our

current name, but is reconceived in a simple, straightforward

way that emphasizes our primary market target—people who

fly fish—while embracing the international presence that we

continue to nurture and expand.

Finally, Fly Fishers International is also already echoed in the

name of our organization’s long-time publication, Flyfisher

Magazine, offering another level of recognition among our

current members, corporate partners, and the fly fishing

community as a whole.

As many of you have rightly pointed out, organizational change

will not simply occur with the change of our name. A great deal

of hard work lies ahead. We recognize the need to do a much

better job of increasing public awareness for the great work our

organization continues to accomplish, and for taking better

advantage of the partnerships, potential projects, and other

opportunities that could benefit from FFI’s help in making

positive impacts.

But these efforts won’t be nearly as effective without your help.

Please join Fly Fishers International as we work together to

cultivate conservation, education, and community within the

sport of fly fishing.

Len Zickler

President, Fly Fishers International

Check out the new website!!!

Exciting times for us and the FFI

Russell Husted