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The Lydia Ann Fly Masters Tournament will be held on October 3rd, 2015 in Aransas Pass, TX

The purpose of the LYDIA ANN FLY MASTERS tournament is to bring Fly Fishing anglers from all over the State of Texas, as well as other States, to compete for prizes, share in the enjoyment of fishing the flats, and have a good time; all the while never losing focus of the main reason for being there – to help support a wonderful charitable organization.


CASTING FOR RECOVERY is a national support and educational organization for breast cancer survivors and is the recipient of the proceeds from this event. Please select the hyperlink above to learn more about their cause, and to make additional on-line donations.


Aransas Pass was chosen as the center for the tournament due to its fairly equal distance from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. It is also close to the heart of the flats that many of us love to fly fish.

The tournament is open to both Boating Anglers and Kayaking Anglers with separate divisions for each. Redfish on the fly and Catch and Release are the objectives, but there are also “Open Species” divisions for both the Boaters and Kayakers just to make things interesting.

For a more complete description and downloadable version of the Tournament Format and Rules please visit the “Rules & Format”. A downloadable Application is also available on the “Application & Info” page. We are striving to make the tournament as attractive as we can to all anglers by having separate divisions for the Boaters and Kayakers.

We are also working with numerous Sponsors to offer quality prizes for the top finishing anglers, as well as Raffle and Silent Auction Items. We encourage everyone that participates in the tournament or visits this site and support these fine and generous Sponsors.

For questions or comment, e-mail Rob Burlingame at


Russell Husted