September 24, 2020
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Thank you for considering joining Fly Fishers International and supporting the Texas Council. A great organization to be a part of.

All of the membership dues go to the national Office. Councils may petition for funds for various purposes, and request many things that are needed to run a council.

If you would like to join the FFI, please review this page and sign up electronically:

There is a FREE website membership one can sign up for if you are still undecided, and wish to see what the FFI does and is all about.

Our membership Chairman is Barry Webster, and he can help answer any questions you may have. This goes for individual membership, club membership, or becoming a charter club.

Barry can be contacted by phone or email.

Thanks again for joining the only organization that focuses on ALL aspects of fly fishing. Conservation, Education, Tying, Casting and most importantly for me, Fishing!!!