January 18, 2021
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For 30 years fly tyers and their families from across Texas, Louisiana and the deep South have been gathering each fall on the shores of Toledo Bend to tie flies and talk fishing, while enjoying good cooking and marvelous company.

This year’s date is Friday afternoon, November 2nd thru Sunday morning, November 4th, 2018.

“Rendezvous” is the result of a number of fly tyers from Texas and Louisiana gathering to fish and tie flies at the state park.Upon finding the park’s group facilities, establishing this yearly gathering was a no-brainer. So, for 30 years fly tyers and their families have been coming.

There are no programs or events. We just set up and tie with our friends. Tie as much or as little as you like. You can help in the kitchen, practice casting with instructors, fish in the large protected bay, spend time on the large porch, hike through the beautiful park or tie continually. Your time is yours to spend as you like.

Many folks have been coming for years and years, while each year new attendees walk through the doors, many of whom are beginners.There is no better venue in the country to learn to tie. from a host of excellent master tyers, nor is there an event that welcomes newcomers more.

And what a facility indeed! A capacity of 150 people in 5 heated log bunkhouses (30 beds each), a heated central shower and restroom building with nice night lighting on all the sidewalks and a large main log building with A/C, a commercial kitchen, dining hall, large fireplace, a long front porch, picnic tables and a large barbecue trailer out front.

For more information: http://pages.suddenlink.net/w/Rendez/indexR.html

Russell Husted