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North Toledo Bend


November 3-5, 2017

North Toledo Bend State Park

Zwolle, LA

Have you heard of RENDEZVOUS yet?

This is a fly fishing annual event that will be 29 years old in November!

Please visit my website

html to read all about it. An event lasting 29 straight years should be

something interesting and worth investigating, right? It is simply a

gathering of fly fishers who are dedicated to fly tying, as well as, fly


Since Texas really does not have adequate group facilities in our state

parks, we have to travel to Zwolle, Louisiana to the North Toledo Bend

State Park to find a great facility that will sleep 150 people. This allow

clubs from both states to gather for a great weekend together.

Rendezvous has a rich history of attracting top fly tyers sitting at a

dining room table where you can sit and watch and ask any questions.

A good example of this is Fred Hannie from Lake Charles, the realistic

fly tyer who is featured in Fly Tyer Magazine and on its cover as well.

Many outstanding fly tyers will be there doing their thing all weekend


So if you need a change of pace and your family wants to have a great

weekend, please check out our website above and come join us. No

reservations needed just show up and sign in. Oh, and bring your tying

stuff and enough food to share. Hope to see you there.

Walter McLendon


Russell Husted