August 12, 2020
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Excitement builds as Oktoberfisch 2017 nears.  We have an awesome fly tying venue, steak dinner, live entertainment, kayak instruction, casting instructing, kayak shuttles, new T-Shirt designs, Guide fishing samples, swap meet items, supportive vendors, fish movies, new and exciting raffle / silent auction items  and lots and lots of fellowship. Oh… did we mention that TPWD is doing a special stocking of Guadalupe Bass with prizes for catching tagged fish?

October 12th we will have our monthly meeting, come and hear the latest updates and how you can volunteer with preparations for Oktoberfisch

October 14th (Saturday) will be a primp and trim day at the South Llano River RV Park in Junction.  The club will provide lunch as we all bring our own weed eaters, grub hoes, waders and a shovel or two in order to get things ship shape for our big party.

October 19th we will be there to set up tents and get ready for our huge gathering on the 20th.

If you haven’t, registered now at

PS.  If you have any items for auction or raffle please connect with Bruce Ward at:

 We also need a volunteer to head to Bandera and pick up conservation trash bags.  Contact Jon Morse for details. (210-286-7041)

Russell Husted