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Texas Council Communication corrections

January 26, 2017 General News No Comments

Texas Council members and visitors. Informing al about a couple corrections to some communication sent out in the newsletter.

The Red River Fly Fishers event, the Red River Rendezvous is at Eisenhower State Park and NOT at Bonham State Park. The event is THIS Friday and runs through Saturday. Hope to see you all there.

Another correction is that the Lake Athens Fly Fishing Festival dates are incorrect. NOT the 4th and 5th, but actually the 7th and 8th.

Apologize for the incorrect information. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Sincerely, the Texas Council Team


This Weekend!!! Red River Rendezvous

January 25, 2017 General News No Comments

Join us at Eisenhower State Park. Red River Fly Fishers hosting the Red River Rendezvous!!!

Guadalupe One Fly 2017 postponed!!!

January 20, 2017 General News No Comments

Guadalupe One Fly 2017, UPDATED
“In the interest of safety, we must postpone/cancel the Guadalupe River One Fly. scheduled forĀ  Saturday, January 21st. The GBRA has announced river flow of appox. 600 cfs as of 1PM today. It is doubtful that the river flow will return to normal (300 CFS) before Saturday. Even 400 would be fishable, but 500+ is too risky for all but the most experienced waders. As I have a prior commitment next weekend, I cannot lead a make-up then. Please contact Puck if you are interested in helping lead the event.