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Exciting News from the Texas Council Casting Instructor Team!!!

Where: Arlington, Texas
When: Thursday, Sept 8, 2016; Registration Closes September 1, 2016
What: For those preparing to take IFFF CI and MCI tests, pretests are essential to successful outcomes. To assist with this process, opportunities exist at this year’s Texas Expo for candidates to have a four-hour block of time with seasoned examiners and mentors to aid in the preparation process.
This four-hour block of time can be utilized several ways, including 1) a formal and complete pretest 2) one on one mentoring for casting performance 3) one on one mentoring for teaching performance or 4) any combination of the above. In short, you can utilize a highly experienced examiner and mentor in any way that you find advantageous.
Cost: $125 for the four-hour session. Morning and afternoon sessions. Very Limited enrollment.
• Bill Gammel: CBOGE, Co-Author of “The Essentials of Fly Casting”
• Chuck Easterling: CBOG, Chairman of the Examiner Review Committee
• Molly Semenik: CBOG, Chairman of the Professional Development Committee
• Steve Hollensed: CBOG, Co-Chairman of the Masters Test Committee

Contact for Enrollment: Steve Hollensed, or 903.546.6237

There is also room for more casters to get certified. Currently we have 4 enrolled for the Friday morning testing. Again, if you want in this class, contact Steve Hollensed

Russell Husted