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Rendezvous 2014

Reservations have been made for October 31st through November 2nd!!! 

Read park rules below in green concerning pets, firearms, drugs and alcohol.



Welcome again to the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous! The date is Friday afternoon, October 31st thru Sunday morning, November 2nd, 2014. Rendezvous is the result of several fly fishermen gathering to fish and tie flies at the state park many years ago. After a couple of years of growing pains they found the park’s group facility. And what a facility indeed! A capacity of 150 people in 5 heated log bunkhouses (30 beds each), a heated central shower and restroom building with nice night lighting on all the sidewalks and a large main log building with A/C, a commercial kitchen, dining hall, fireplace, a long front porch, picnic table and a large barbeque trailer out front.

Park Rules: 

Pets –  Pets are not permitted within buildings or other enclosed structures on site. Only seeing-eye dogs are permitted in overnight facilities or near swimming areas. Pet owners are responsible for any injury or damage caused by their pets. Dogs and other pets are not allowed to run freely on park property. Any pet brought in to a State Park must be on a leash (not to exceed 6 feet in length), or caged or crated.

Alcohol – The display or overuse of alcohol in a public use area which creates a disturbance is prohibited within a state park. The use of alcoholic beverages by a minor is illegal.

Drugs – The possession, display and use of dangerous drugs or a controlled substance is illegal and prohibited within a state park.

Firearms – Not allowed



We begin gathering before 3 PM on Friday when the park staff unlocks the facility. Families and individuals check in at the main office and ask for their FREE Parking pass for the “Fly Fishing Group”. Once at the facility, the first order of business is finding the necessary bunks in one of our 5 bunkhouses. Segmented and marked for couples, male singles, female singles, families with kids and the last for “Non-Snorers Only”. The bedroom in each bunkhouse is designated for a dressing room “not sleeping” so that you can have some privacy when needed. This room might also be used by a mother with a new baby.


Next to the main dining room/kitchen where you meet fellow fly fishers, sign the register and pay for the weekend. Now that the state park fees have been raised, the family fee is $50 for the weekend or $25 for a day or night. Single’s fee is $40 for the weekend or $20 for the day or night. For those who do not stay in the bunkhouses, please make a donation so we can pay our fees.

Next to unloading food to the kitchen. Everyone is asked to bring their necessary foods for the weekend. Most people bring to share, so all you need to provide is a nice sized dish for each feast or meal. This gives you a chance to show off your favorite dish or creation! You can imagine out of 60 to 65 people, the feast we have! Eating is a real treat! No restaurant could provide better food! Please park your vehicle in our designated parking lot and not on the grass. Park patrols checks for this. 


To pass the day, all the fly tyers set up their vises in the dining hall on the tables. We always manage to have plenty of room for eating when the time comes. All day and into the late evening, tyers do their thing while spectators sit, watch and ask questions. This is not an insignificant event because some of the top fly tyers in the nation attend Rendezvous every year! This is your one chance to spend as much time as you like sitting with an outstanding tyer and learn their best skills!

Breakfast begins fairly early with the early risers! It just so happens that one East Texan prepares mouth watering pancakes for everyone or at least until the chow line dies out. Eggs of all sorts start while some fantastic breakfast dishes pop out of the over and disappear fast. This is not for the faint of heart, as they say. If you snooze you lose! Late risers will have to fend for themselves or find the crumbs!

Cooking for lunch begins right after breakfast and kitchen cleanup. It is a real treat to see a clean kitchen evolve over and over! All the busy hands make these tasks a joy – not a task. Around noon time, the aroma from the kitchen forces mouths to water and lines to form.


Then comes dinner! In the past we have had some delightful surprises with fresh Alaskan silver and red salmon cooked in several ways, barbequed chickens and sausages from the outdoor pit, Cajun dishes of all sorts, 96 quart coolers of fresh steamed crabs on ice ready for cracking and even Dutch oven cooking. Some usual treats are spaghetti and meat balls that are out of this world, chili, sandwiches, special salads and too many other items to detail here. Just let it be said that if you have taste buds, you will be totally satisfied! We always have too much food at each meal so please plan to cook less, we do not need several main dishes but more salads and side dishes to go with our main meat dishes. You do not need to cook for 65 people, that is why we have so much. 

Some of the strange slang and accents you will hear during your weekend come from the fact that clubs gather from all over! Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and we have had them from Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Children have a safe place to play because the cove of the lake is at least a hundred yards down hill from the bunkhouses. That means fishing! Wading, float tubes, kayaks and canoes are the order of the day. No Louisiana license is required for Texans. Of c

Russell Husted