September 27, 2020
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The new Texas Council website is very capable of publishing news stories from your events and outings related to each of your clubs throughout the State of Texas. We are interested in upcoming events as well as a recap of how the event turned out – with photographs whenever possible. When your article is published, it will be one of the top (if not the top) story on the front page. Advance PRESS RELEASES are needed for your events, so that everyone is aware of you event, and can potentially provide “boots on the ground” at your location if needed. Then as more articles come in, that story gets pushed down the page as it should. The final appearance of this site should look like an updating newspaper when everyone is on board, and all articles are still there for you to find – all of them – for as long as the site exists.

There are two distinct ways to have your information published on the NEWS page of the Texas Council site. Our preference is to have contributors, who are willing to write for their region, register on the site. Then notify us of your intention to write for the site, and you will be upgraded to be able to login to the site and use the wordpress software that runs the site to save and edit the post. We will take a final look at the post and publish it as soon as we can, or if you have a particular time for it to run, we will schedule it for that release time. The second way is to send your news and press releases to us, and we will copy and paste them into a post after quick edit. We edit for typos and punctuation only.

Here’s the kicker. Once your article is published, there’s an opportunity for (registered and logged-in) users to read the article and comment below the article. They may ask followup questions about your event, or add their perspective if they were there. That door for interaction is virtually wide open so that any post can become an extended conversation. Feel free to try it with this post! Of course we police comments and posts for the spammers and profanity is mechanically blacklisted.

We certainly prefer each and every person who wants to contribute to the Texas Council International Federation of Fly Fishers website to take ownership – and get on board with this proven modern and vibrant system of website communication design – by registering on the site today. We already have a couple of draft posts waiting in the queue – one from Dallas Fly Fishers and one from Fort Worth Fly Fishers, but still need your news from your part of the State of Texas.


Work to fish.