September 27, 2020
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Texas Council Update!!! Thank you all for voting and showing your support for the Texas Council.
Here is the official announcement from the National IFFF Office:
The ballots have been counted by 2 employees here at the International office.  Ballots were received by e-mail and mail.
98 Approved the slate 5 Disapproved the slate.
The slate is duly elected.  Congratulations!  Go forth and do good things in the name of the IFFF.
The Texas Council Leadership team will be:
Board of Directors
Russell Husted        President
Jerry Hamon           Vice President & Education Chmn
Shawn Riggs           Asst Education Chmn
Jack Janco              Secretary
Debbie Fox              Treasurer
George Board          Asst Treasurer
Bob Shirley              Membership Chmn
Ted Warren             Development Chmn
Zach Thomas          Conservation Chmn
Kevin Hutchison     Asst Conservation Chmn
Case Critchlow       Outreach Chmn
Ralph Simmans      Communications Chmn
Jim Bass                 At Large Member
Regional Directors
Shannon Drawe      North
Mike Hawkins          East
Rey Ramirez           South
Chris Johnson         Central
Mark Walker            West
Appointed Chairmans
Steve Hollensed      Casting Chmn
John Maddux           Tying Chmn
Sharon Leissner       Asst Communications  Chmn
Rick Pope                 Sr. Advisor
BIG Council News!!!
Mark your calendars NOW as the 1st Texas Council Expo will be June the 12th, 13th, and 14th in New Braunfels Texas. New Braunfels was selected for many reasons. There was a very successful event there in 2010, and is an excellent centralized location. New Braunfels is also home of the fastest growing club in the state and is a mace for fly fishing activities annually.
With an event, this large, we need volunteers. An Expo committee has been formed, and is pursuing our Expo Chairman. If you wish to interview for that role, or just want to help volunteer for this exciting, first ever expo of the Texas Council, please contact us. We will need help in many different areas. Casting, tying, registrations, set up / takedown, meals, if you wish to be a vendor, let us know. Anyone can help!!!
Come join us for Oktoberfisch!! Junction, Texas. Support the Fredricksburg Fly Fishers, and have a great time!!! Go here for details:
Remember to follow us on Facebook and our NEW Website!!!
Russell Husted