September 25, 2020
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Texas IFFF members. Excited to share with you what may be our best newsletter yet. The 2015 summer edition. So many exciting things going on and coming this fall!! A great time to get involved in something, have fun, meet new friends, and learn more about fly fishing. Pay attention to all of the activities throughout the state.    Many of us are in Bend, Oregon for the IFFF National Fair. Great show so far and Texas was again well recognized at the awards banquet. Congrats to all that were recognized. Special recognition also goes out to Dutch Baughman, as he was introduced as one of the new Board of Directors member. Dutch replaced David Lemke who served for many years. Congrats to you both. Dutch will bring a strong passion for the IFFF and will be very active in his role.    Exciting news to come from TP&WD as the river access program is coming along nicely. Many new sites will be available for anglers to enjoy on our favorite rivers!! Also clubs will be receiving new conservation litter bags to help keep our rivers clean!!    I also cannot ever stop thanking the volunteers that make this council what it is. All have been doing an amazing job, and have served for many years. Some will be moving on this year and will be surely missed. But with that comes the opportunity for new members to serve and join a fun group that are primed to make a difference. We would love to see some new volunteers to keep us moving on. If you would like to join us in any role, please let us know by emailing us at:    Thank you and enjoy your rest of summer. Look forward to some awesome fishing this fall!!

Here is the summer newsletter

TxCncl IFFF-Newsletter August 2015

Russell Husted