November 26, 2020
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Texas Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers are excited to announce our third annual Texas Council Fly Fishing Expo happening in September of 2016, bringing the show to North Texas for the first time. Grapevine Texas, located just minutes from DFW airport and located in the historic downtown location at the Convention center.

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                                                       “Destination Texas”

Destination Texas will sum up what the intent will be for our third Expo. You hear it all the time. Where do you fly fish in Texas? Thought you had to go to Colorado to fly fish? We Texans know that is not the case, and our goal will be to Educate the state on how to fly fish in Texas.

Join us September 8-10, in Grapevine at the Convention Center, at the Recreation Center, and at Oak Grove Park on Lake Grapevine. The expo will be in multiple locations, as we take full advantage of classroom and on the water situations. Oak Grove Park will be the location we use for the Casting Programs, Certifications, and on the water classes we will offer. And this year we will have kayak clinics and demonstrations from local marine dealers. That will include how to fish out of a kayak, how to read water, how to cast on the water, and how to read the water. The pavilion will be used for lunch and refreshments. There will be plenty of parking available here, and a shuttle service will take you back and forth to the Convention Center. Steve Hollensed, a Master Certified Casting Instructor will head up the casting workshops, programs, and MCI / CCI Certification classes.

The Convention Center will be the main events area. Here you will be able to participate and observe some of the Best Fly Tiers in the country, including Realistic Fly Tier Fred Hannie and Matt Bennett, the most recent Charlie Brooks Memorial winner from this years IFFF National Fair!!. There will be tying demonstrations, and tying classes where you can participate. Retail stores to include Tailwaters, Living Waters Fly Shop, Backwoods, Mariner Sails, Cabela’s, and so many more. Education classes for the youth from Texas Parks and Wildlife. Guides from all over the state explaining how, when, and where to fly fish in Texas. Youth and Women’s Outreach programs.

Thursday night the 8th, there will be a Welcoming Dinner to get to know each other, a Texas BBQ on the banks of Lake Grapevine, that will set the stage for the days to come. Friday night the 9th, we will be hosting many activities to be announced soon. Excited to have this venue for all to enjoy. Saturday night the 10th, there will be an Auction with BIG Time Raffles, and a Special Guest Speaker to be announced soon. Casting workshops will happen on the 8th, along with Certified Casting Testing. The main show will be on the 9th – 10th.

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We hope you plan on using New Braunfels as your summer get away this year, as there is so much to do. Support our New Council, and join us for an amazing fly fishing weekend!!!

Sincerely and look forward to seeing you there,

Russell Husted  President Texas Council