November 18, 2019
  • 10:10 am Under Reconstrution
  • 6:52 am Fort Worth Fly Fishers Fly Fish 101
  • 9:26 am Texas Council Winter Newsletter
  • 5:25 am Texas Council FFI Fall Newsletter
  • 5:05 am North Toledo Bend Rendezvous November 2 – 4

What a great tournament!!! Over 40 fly anglers participated in the Bass on the Fly Tournament. Conditions were great in the am, and got tough later on. 40+ bass were caught, and the winner of the boaters division was Dallas native Carey Thorne,  over 100 inches with a five bass limit!! Great job Carey!!! Other winners will be broadcastered later by Ted Warren, who was again a great host for the tournament. Lots of prizes given away, and contests were had for big bass, which Carey also won, total length of bass, longest length of a bue gill, distance casting, and accuracy test.

For those of you who know me, I am not a tournament angler. I love to fish, but not so good during tournaments. So I arrive later, mostly just wanting to help and fish for a while. So I drop the yak in Penson Creek, and catch three really nice bass, one pushing 5 pounds. Oh well, still a great day and tounament. Next year, the Texas Council will sponsor it, and help it grow!! Here are some pics from the day. The big winner, the winner of the rod give away, my fish pics, and one shirt that may not leave as it came. LOL









Russell Husted