September 27, 2020
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Great event hosted by the Red River Fly Fishers. Close enough for ALL North Texas clubs to attend. Recommended for all to attend.

Texoma on the Fly 2015


The Red River Fly Fishers started on event they called Texoma on

the Fly eleven years ago. It began as a venue for fly fishers and people

interested in fly fishing to get together for fly tying demonstrations

and lessons, casting practice and tips, and presentations on fishing

Lake Texoma. From the beginning the emphasis was on teaching

and sharing ideas on using a fly rod on Lake Texoma. Conservation

has played a prominent role in the presentations at Texoma on the

Fly as the group tried to educate as many as possible on the danger

of spreading Zebra mussels to other lakes in the north Texas area.

Five years ago the Red River Fly Fishers took on the Go Fish

program of TPWD angler education classes at Eisenhower State

Park on Lake Texoma. Texoma on the Fly was a natural fit for the

beginning fly fishing class. The event has evolved into a combination

of angler education with the TPWD and a fly fishing expo for

people interested in fly fishing on Lake Texoma and the area waters.

We plan to continue this forum to introduce fly fishing to youth in

the area and to provide an event where area fly fishers can compare

fly tying designs and techniques, get feedback on casting, as well

as talk with are fishermen on best ways to target the excellent bass

fishing on Lake Texoma.


Saturday – Sept. 19


8:30 Begin Registration

9 – 12 Beginning Fly Fish Class

9 – 12 Participants move through stations listed below

Beginner fly tying


Fly rod rigging & equipment

Fish habitat & entomology

Beginning fly casting

(participants will receive a certificate and pin upon

turning in a completed check sheet)

1 – 5 Fly Fish 101

Fly casting classes

Fly tying demonstrations

Conservation presentation – Zebra mussels


7:30 Fly Fishing Movie

Lee Yeager

(903) 421-4984

Russell Husted