January 18, 2021
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Club, we are excited to have Tim Holschlag as our May speaker. Yes we are having a general meeting on May the 6th, as our Auction will be on the 29th of April.

Tim Holschlag

Tim Holschlag has fished more smallmouth bass rivers than any known angler, over 300 different rivers across North America. In addition, he has caught smallmouth bass in dozens of lakes in both the US and Canada. He has a deep understanding of all types of smallmouth habitats.
Tim is the author of the highly acclaimed books, “Stream Smallmouth Fishing,” “Smallmouth Fly Fishing” and the new blockbuster book “River Smallmouth Fishing.”  He is the creator and host of the popular DVD “Stream Smallmouth Fishing– the Movie” and has written hundreds of magazine articles for the major fishing publications. Tim Holschlag is nationally known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the species and his smallmouth bass expertise.
Over two decades as a popular angling instructor, guide, seminar speaker and fly designer, Tim Holschlag has helped thousands of anglers improve their smallmouth bass fishing skills. His lifelong study of smallmouth gives people insights found nowhere else.
Tim receiving an award from Dr Thomas F. Waters

Tim receiving the Dr Thomas F. Waters Stewardship Award
As the co-founder of the Smallmouth Alliance organization in 1988, Tim’s smallmouth bass passion extends beyond how to catch them. His commitment to conservation has meant a strong advocacy for protecting the species and the waters where they live. Recognizing his conservation efforts, Tim has been awarded both the Federation of Fly Fishers James Henshall Award and the Dr Thomas F. Waters Stewardship Award for smallmouth bass conservation.

How to Say “Holschlag”

Folks often wonder how to pronounce “Holschlag” a German name with a mouthful of consonants.  (“You ought to buy a vowel, man.”)
Here’s the key–  “Holschlag” rhymes with “coleslaw,” but with a “g” at the end. Then, if you want to sound authentic, just slur the “schlag” part like you have a mouthful of coleslaw.
You’ve got it!
Russell Husted