November 18, 2019
  • 10:10 am Under Reconstrution
  • 6:52 am Fort Worth Fly Fishers Fly Fish 101
  • 9:26 am Texas Council Winter Newsletter
  • 5:25 am Texas Council FFI Fall Newsletter
  • 5:05 am North Toledo Bend Rendezvous November 2 – 4

Last Tuesday, I was able to sneak off and go visit the NEW Waco Fly Fishers, formerly known as the Jack Sparks Central Texas Fly Rodders. John Maddux and club welcomed me, and I shared with them my presentation of Colorado and the Texas Council. Really loved the location they meet at. It is in the Wetlands area outside of North West waco. baylor University has a conservation classroom / area that showcases off the Wetlands. the highlight if the trip was again watchinbg John tie is amazing assortment of flies, but especially the poppers!!!

What a great club trying to make a difference. New website. New Name. New focus. New members showing up. Great job John, Bob, and club!!






Russell Husted