August 4, 2020
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Springbreak usually means white bass time for me. During typical conditions, this time of year can be awesome for white bass fishing. So with some time off, and the recent deluge of rain and snow we have had, I was curious to see if any white bass have made their way into my favorite fishing holes. So off to destination X I go. Many of you who know me, it’s not just about the fishing, it’s about the adventure. Today would be no different.

Today would be a day of a few first’s for me. Like going to a donut store and NOT getting a donut, and NOT having a COKE when eating lunch at my favorite stopping grounds.

Well, here is a recap of the day:
Arriving at the river, was VERY pleased to see a very good flow of water coming downstream. Destination X has been very low for quite some time, and to see these kind of flows was very encouraging!!! Flows like this bring warmer water and sediment, which alert white bass that it is time to head into the rivers and creeks for the annual spawn.

nolan 4

nolan 3

nolan 2

Here are the conditions and recap of the day:

# of fish caught = Zero
Water temperature = Cold
Walking conditions = Like ice skating. Although I never fell, believe it or not
Water clarity = Chocolate milk
Spring flowers?? = None
Crowded?? = Only saw a few
Cows?? = Were laying down
Donut store?? = Did not get thrown out this year for eating off of the trays!!!
New truck = Awesome and did get it dirty, so officially broke in
Hamburger stop?? = Could not drive by without stopping. Best Burger in Texas
Recap of day?? = Priceless

My favorite stop this time of year. Burger Bar in Cleburne Texas!!

burger bar

nolan 1

Stay tuned for more spring time adventures. Hopefully many, many more to come.

Russell Husted



  1. Ray Emerson Posted on March 12, 2015 at 6:06 am

    You need to try Cupp’s in Waco, been there in the burger business for decades. My favorite, though, is the chili cheese dog and onion rings.